Jo & Marc - April 2018

We got engaged on New Year's Eve 2016 on the Millenium bridge in York and then talked about what we wanted our wedding to be.  It became clear very quickly that neither of us wanted a very formal wedding, but we did want it to be fun, relaxed and a big party with everyone we loved.  

Finding a venue proved to be tricky however, as a lot of them, while beautiful, just didn't feel   right, or like us.  One of the easier decisions was where the ceremony was going to be - Masham church, local to my parents and where I grew up.   

When we saw Deighton lodge we were torn between it and another venue initially.  But we realised that Deighton lodge was the only venue we'd seen that had so few restrictions on what we could do meaning we could have our wedding the way we wanted it rather than having to have the suppliers the venue mandated.  So that meant we could have an amazing rock band (due to Deighton's sound insulation); a glitter facepaint station; brilliant cocktails and bbq with sharing platters!  

But as well as being a blank canvas to allow us to plan the wedding we wanted, it also had rooms for the wedding party; quirkly decorated chill out alcoves in the barn; a lounge where guests could go and chat, and toilets that were definitely a talking point (in a good way)!!

Carla was also amazing - friendly and approachable and keen to help make our day brilliant, supportive and very open to our suggestions (we thought having all the guests covered in glitter might be a step too far but she loved it)!  We had a perfect day there in a beautiful location and cannot recommend it enough.  

Love,  Jo and Marc


Deighton Lodge, York Road, Deighton, York, YO19 6HQ

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