Vicky & Andrew - July 2019

When we were looking for wedding venues, we knew we wanted a relaxed rustic theme. We searched around and found many wonderful barns which fitted our style, unfortunately there was something missing. When arriving at Deighton Lodge we knew this was to be our venue. The barn was "just right", the idea of getting married in the garden under the pagoda was perfect to us and the style of the barn meant it didn't take much imagination to see us celebrating here. What made it better was the fact our families from different ends of the country could all stay together in the cottages and share this exclusive venue with us.

Of course the great British Weather didn't allow us to wed outdoors, but that didn't matter, in fact I think we took more pride in adding all the little extras to the barn to make it even more incredible. We had both the ceremony and the reception at Deighton Lodge, and were able to choose all of our own suppliers, which meant the day was completely how we wanted it to be. Throughout the day our guests commented on the uniqueness and beauty of the venue, emphasising how it was like "nowhere they had ever seen before" and like "walking into a different room" once it had been set up for the reception. Carla was there as a helping hand throughout the planning to answer any questions we had in the lead up to the day. She even arrived the day before to help answer any questions, keep us calm, and assist us with the drapes for the ceremony.

The setting allowed it to be much more than 'one day', our families are still talking about our "wedding weekend" and the moments they shared both on the day, before the wedding and afterwards, it really has brought two families closer so thank you ❤️

Love from Vicky and Andy x

Deighton Lodge, York Road, Deighton, York, YO19 6HQ

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